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Life is music.

I know this when I slow myself down and pay attention. I can hear the music. The rhythm of the waves on the shore. The melody of a bird's song. Life's beat, listening to my own heart. Whatever you hear as music, is music. Evidence of life. Music is life.

Slowing down and really listening to a handcrafted instrument allows you to appreciate life's beauty and music on a new level.

Music that you hear, that you make, and that you share.

And if you listen closely you might experience the mana or spiritual power of the instrument, the heart of the player, the spirit of the builder.

Be a part of the music of life. Listen to and make life's music.

Tonewoods have certain characteristics.

I work with a variety of tonewoods, and treat each piece individually to ensure that the wood's voice is maximized.

Living in the Islands, I have direct access to acacia koa, the precious hardwood of Hawaii. Koa trees exist naturally nowhere else on earth but Hawaii. Koa is an exceptionally beautiful wood, and for decades has been recognized as a quality tonewood. I also build with Hawaii-grown Cuban mahogany, another quality tonewood.

A variety of body sizes, styles, tonewoods, and appointments are available for your selection. Together we will create a one-of-a-kind instrument.

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